A consumer warning has been issued by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development for a locally made and sold food product.

According to the Genesee County Health Department (GCHD), the products in question are salsas that were produced in an unlicensed facility by Garner Gourmet Food Group of Flint under the "Courtney's Gourmet" label.

The salsas in glass jars were sold via school and other organization fundraisers and online through the company's website.

During an inspection of a school by a local health department, concern over the safety of the product was identified and reported. Selling processed foods from an unlicensed facility is violation of the Michigan Food Law.

The bottled or canned salsas, if not properly processes can result in contamination of the products which could lead to botulism if eaten. For a complete list of the products and what to do with them if found, see the GCHD's Food Safety Consumer Advisory 12-18-12.