Claressa Shields said before the fight that she was going to make history, and that's exactly what she did.

Shields walked into the fight with a chance to make history by unifying all of the Middleweight belts, and becoming the undisputed champion. Shields exuded confidence leading up to the fight, and backed all of it up Saturday night.

Shields dominated the match from the very beginning, winning a unanimous decision. The fact that Shields never knocked Hammer down, but still dominated the scorecard is a tell of how one sided the fight was. When it was done, Shields talked about her place in history.

I am the greatest woman of all time. I did it. She didn't win a round. I almost knocked her ass out. I swear, I feel like I'm dreaming right now

One of the coolest moments for any Flint fan of Claressa happened before the fight even began.

Shields made her entrance to the ring with another well known woman from Flint. Lyric Da Queen rapped Shields into the ring in a moment that will make any Flintstone proud.

You can watch a quick highlight reel from the fight below.

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