A Genesee County man has been arrested after he was seen kicking his girlfriend's dog in the abdomen. The act was clearly caught on camera and the video is difficult to watch.

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Genesee County Sheriff shared the disturbing video online during his weekly Facebook update.

Who is the Culprit?

In typical Chris Swanson style, the sheriff was eager to share the details of the crime, saying that oftentimes people who are abusive to animals are also very likely to be abusive to human beings.

The alleged animal abuser is 50-year-old Harry Wallace Nimmo. (And yes, it seems ridiculous to include the word 'alleged' when Nimmo is seen kicking the animal in the video below.)

Nimmo has been arrested and arraigned on a charge of animal cruelty according to our news partners at Mid-Michigan Now.

"The reason I show this to you is again, what I said before, that if people do it to an animal, they're going to do it to a human being," Swanson says. "In fact, Nimmo already has a history of domestic violence, and so when you see the tie of the two, it makes sense."

Swanson issues a warning that the construction worker's actions on the video are disturbing. Nimmo is clearly seen kicking the animal, hence the disclaimer that viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Dog is Recovering

Swanson goes on to note that despite the abuse, the dog sustained no injuries and has since been moved to a safe place for further recovery.

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