A new study shows that women's risk of breast cancer is raised with extended use of hormones normally taken to ease menopause symptoms.

According to Fox News, it's already known that taking pills that combine estrogen and progestin - the most common type of hormone therapy - increases the risk of breast cancer. But women who no longer have a uterus can take estrogen alone, which had been thought to be safer and slightly more beneficial in terms of cancer risk.

The new research says that isn't the case if the pills are used for many years. The study tracked the health of 60,000 nurses and found that the use of any type of hormones for 10 years or more slightly raised the chances of developing breast cancer.

Fox News continues that the hormone picture has been confusing and the absolute risk of breast cancer for any woman taking hormone pills remains small. However, doctors advise that women should use the lowest dose needed for the shortest time possible.