A Fenton area woman has helped a lot of people relive some great childhood memories with an unusual thrift store find. Melissa Rivera spotted the iconic 'Thinking Chair' from the TV show 'Blues Clues' at the Goodwill store in Fenton, and the memories started flooding in.

"Found at Fenton, Michigan goodwill! I didn't check the price...." Rivera noted on Facebook along with the picture. "And of course I knew it was the thinking chair as soon as I saw it. It brought back childhood memories!"

It makes you want to sit down and think, think, think, doesn't it?

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In just a couple of days, Rivera's post has been shared hundreds of times and amassed over 1,600 comments from people who took comfort in returning to their childhoods, if for only a moment.

  • Thank you for not forgetting me Steve, because there were times I forgot myself.
  • Omg blues clues!! that was my whole childhood
  • It’s just Steve showing us he never forgot us
  • I would pay SO MUCH MONEY for this chair. I don't know where I'd find it. But I would get it.
  • I'm about to use my mind and take a step at a time and buy this chair
  • I had one of these as a kid, along with a thinking pad and the giant green crayon

Rivera updated the post to let everyone know that the chair has been sold. Let's hope it's found a good home.


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