What in the hell was this kid thinking? Two things come to my mind about a student having a BB gun in a car on school grounds, first of all stupidity and second of all my parents would have grounded me for life.

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Nonetheless, that is exactly what happened today at Grand Blanc High School. According to reports the local high school went into lockdown after reports of a student showing another student the BB gun while driving. Grand Blanc Police located the student and found the BB gun in his vehicle. The unidentified student was arrested.

I certainly hope the student with the BB gun had no intention of using the gun at school, but you just can't be too careful. Having it in his vehicle on school grounds was just plain dumb - showing it to someone even dumber. Why would he do this?

Only he has the answer to that. Like I said, even with no ill intentions, in this day and age any gun and or weapon on any school grounds means trouble. There is no way to justify this.

Shout out to Grand Blanc High School faculty and the Grand Blanc Police Department for acting on this and taking it seriously. I can't imagine being a parent (in general), let alone getting a message from their school about a gun and lockdown. Jesus Christ, this is nuts.

Is it me or does it seem like there is always something? From home schooling last year to masks or no masks, to this. Damn, can't kids just go to school in peace?

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