It looks like Blondie's Food & Spirits of Flint might be hiring a new server. However, this would be their first server that isn't human.

They have a new robotic team member that they're currently testing from Bear Robotics. Yes, they have an actual robot that serves drinks to their customers.

Before you freak out and think the robot server is here to take away jobs from humans, it's not. It's really just something fun and novelty to have at Blondies. Not to mention, it's super cool to watch the test robot in action.

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Blondies owner, Lisa Blondell:

It doesn't really save me any labor as a human has to load it up and tell it where to go. You can also send it to a table that needs to be bussed as it has a receptacle, but again, it needs someone to remove the dishes.

I saw the video below over the weekend while I was on Facebook and I had to find out more.

They saw the robot in action at a trade show serving hors d'oeuvres and thought it would have some applications for the restaurant.

Blondell says the robot server would cost the restaurant $1,000 per month with a two-year commitment. That's if they decide to keep it on full-time. It sounds like that's a real possibility sometime in the future. For now, they're just in the testing phase.

It's been fun. Don't rule it out in the future.

As of right now, it's the only robot server in Genesee County.

Personally, I love technology and I hope they decide to keep the robot around to serve their customers.

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