Have you ever been to Beaver Island, Michigan? Me Either.

Beaver Island, Michigan is located in Lake Michigan about 32 miles from Charlevoix. Not only is it the largest island in Lake Michigan, but it is also the third largest island in Michigan following Isle Royale and Drummond Island. As of the 2010 census, only 657 people lived on Beaver Island.

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Back in the 1800s, the island was a religious colony and is sometimes referenced as “The Mormon Kingdom.” For many years, the economy centered around fishing, logging, and farming. Nowadays, the main income for the island revolves around governmental services, tourism, and residential and cottage construction.

The island also is home to a research facility owned by Central Michigan University. Known as the "CMU Biological Station," this facility is home to classes and workshops attended by students and researchers.

Honestly, when I first started writing this article, I did it merely for the jokes, because, well, I'm a child. However, this 55.8 square mile island is actually pretty fascinating. Now I really want to travel to it and check it all out. It seems like a very cool place.

The main two ways to get to the island are by plane and by ferry. There are two small airlines that operate small twin-engine propeller planes to make the 20-minute journey. Those airlines are Island Airways and Fresh Air Aviation. The Beaver Island Boat Company has ferry boats that run to the island most of the year and it takes roughly two to two-and-a-half hours to make the trip.

Once you're on the island though, there is a lot to do. I was even told about something called "chasing golden bones," which is apparently great carp fishing. Beaver Island is also home to Whiskey Point Brewing Company. The island also has a handful of restaurants to enjoy as well. Check out the restaurant options and some reviews below for your next trip. 

Source: Wikipedia

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Beaver Island is a pretty cool place to visit in Michigan. Check out some of the restaurant reviews here.

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