An Ohio woman says she was humiliated after being turned away from a roller coaster at Cedar Point due to her size.

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As Always - It's Her Word Against Theirs

Raegan - who goes by the handle rae.moody on TikTok - shared a couple of emotionally-charged videos after her experience at the popular Ohio amusement park. Of course, all we have is Raegan's side of the story, but more than 3,200 people have weighed in, mostly with words of support.

In the video below, Raegan notes that she and her husband were enjoying their first 'day date' since the birth of their first child. She also notes that she suffers from hypothyroidism and other health issues that may have contributed to her recent weight gain.

"That's not just a fat girl's excuse to be able to eat more," Raegan says. "And I've recently taken myself off the medication and taken my health into my own hands."


What Happened at Cedar Point?

Raegan notes that she and her husband waited in line for more than an hour to ride an unspecified rollercoaster.

"And we go to get on and they try to close the bar, it's one of those and it's one of those where multiple rows have the same bar, and they couldn't get it to go down," Raegan says through her tears. "And they look at me with my postpartum belly and out loud in front of everyone, say that I am too big and that I need to get off the coaster."

In part two of the video, Raegan claims that she was singled out and those presumably larger men were not asked to exit the coaster.

Could This Be Handled More Efficiently?

It's been a minute, but I've gone to Cedar Point many times in the past. As a big guy myself, my size sometimes precludes me from riding certain rides.

Oftentimes, the park has test seats where patrons can sit and test the seatbelt and bar apparatus before getting in line. We don't know specifically what coaster Raegan is referencing so we don't know if this was available or if she possibly ignored guidelines that may have been posted.

Clearly, men and women approach weight issues and body image differently. But if there's ever a question of safety, I'm going to fall on the side of staying safe and not riding anything where I can't be accommodated.

Regardless of the circumstances, many of which are unknown, we wish Raegan the best in her ongoing journey.

@rae.moodywho lets their employees treat people this way?! after this experience i hid behind a garbage can and sobbed 😞♬ inspirational acoustic guitar piano ( ambient background instrumental music calm - megamusic

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