Legislation introduced by state Rep. Joe Graves would give parents and teachers a break from paying sales tax  on essential back-to-school supplies during the month of August.

Graves, a Republican from Argentine Township and representing the 51st House District, said suspension of the 6-percent sales tax on items for the classroom would help parents and teachers better prepare students for the coming year by saving them money on school-related purchases. " AS a father and grandfather, I can attest to the financial strain experienced by families as they prepare for the coming year," said Graves. "tThe costs can add up quickly. Kids need new clothes, new shoes, better technology, and basic pens, pencils and paper."

The tax waiver also applies to teachers, who dip into their own pockets to provide students with basic classroom tools. Graves said "Some of my children are teachers, and they purchase supplies such as pens, pencils, crayons, paper and other necessities. A tax exemption would help teachers do more with less out-of-pocket expenditures." He added that although the School Aid Fund is spending more on education than ever before in the state's history, families still have to make purchases to prepare their children for the new school year.

The measure is now House Bill 5738.



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