Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill on Tuesday to end aggressive solicitation of victims recovering from personal injury accidents.

The bill, introduced by state Rep. Joe Graves of Argentine Township, provides a 30-day waiting period for victims injured in accidents before anyone can use their police accident reports for purposes of solicitation.

Graves, said the measures also will help cut down on fraudulent claims in the no-fault insurance system, helping to lower the cost of car insurance for Michigan taxpayers. "I am happy the governor has signed this legislation that will allow people who have been injured in accidents to recover before they have to make important decisions involving legal action or long-term medical care. This also protects hard-working Michigan taxpayers from bad actors who run up falsified medical expenses, which increases insurance costs for us all."



The governor also signed a bill allowing bicyclists, to use an alternate right turn signal, which will make it easier for motorists to understand and help make roads safer for everyone. "This is a simple, common-sense update that will help keep our roads safe." Bicyclists will now also be able to simply extend their right arm horizontally to signal a right-turn.

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