A speech delivered at a graduation ceremony in Ohio is being labeled as 'hateful' and 'inappropriate,' and is drawing a great deal of criticism online.

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Jim McGuire is an Alumnus of River Valley High School in Caledonia, Ohio. Caledonia is about an hour north of Columbus, in Marion County. The graduation speech, delivered last week, has drawn attention after McGuire made comments that some are calling disrespectful to members of the LGBTQ community.

What Did McGuire Say?


"Choose a spouse, I suggest," McGuire said as he addressed the crowd. "I also strongly suggest to make sure to choose biblical principals - you know, a male with a female and a female with a male."

The remarks drew a small amount of applause, further frustrating some in attendance who were offended by his words.

Ally Nicole attended the ceremony and posted the clip below to Facebook. She called the speech 'completely unacceptable' and said it is the type of thing that leads to bullying and violence.

"I’m sorry that this hateful speech overshadowed your amazing achievements and this incredibly special milestone in your lives. I know a lot of you are part of the LGBTQ+ community and I’m sure this man made you feel uncomfortable and unsafe," she says. "This is the kind of language that contributes to bullying and violence, and it is completely unacceptable."

Nicole, who says she identifies as pansexual, goes on to urge school leaders to address McGuire's speech, saying it is their responsibility to make children of all identities feel safe at school.

School's Reaction

In a statement released by the school this week, school administrators say the speech had not been reviewed in advance by the school board or any representative of the school, saying, "Any views expressed by the speaker during his commencement speech reflected his personal beliefs. He was not speaking as an official representative of River Valley Local Schools.”

Although McGuire's speech below isn't necessarily NSFW, we deem it 'not suitable for anyone.' Watch it at your own risk.

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