The woman who purchased Kid Rock's home on the Detroit River says she has big plans for the property and that it gives her a connection to her late husband.

Amy Trahey, who purchased the 6,000 square foot home about a month ago, says the famous Michigan rock star left plenty of his personal belongings behind. In the video below, she tells WXYZ-TV that there are items all over the home that exude Kid Rock's signature style.

"You'll see just the details of things that he's left behind. The Made in Detroit shades are in every window throughout the home, which is great," Trahey says. "I wish this piano could talk becaue I'm sure there's been a lot of great songs played here."


A Connection to Her Late Husband

Trahey explains that her husband has passed away within the last year. She notes that she viewed the house going on the market as a sign from her husband that she should slow down and have a little fun.

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Kid Rock is an artist that they both enjoyed.

Kid Rock was the compromise for us when we got married 23 years ago. I loved rap. He loved rock and roll," Trahey says. "So Kid Rock was ‘bah with the bah’. Like, what is this?" she said.


Future Plans for the Home

Trahey notes that she plans for the home to be her sanctuary and she also plans to use it to hold Detroit-centric events.

"Whether they're charitable events or political events, weddings, bar mitzvahs. I mean, I just think it's an ideal spot so close to the city that has the space to accommodate large groups," she says.

Keep reading to see pictures from inside Kid Rock's former Detroit home.


Look Inside Kid Rock's Former Detroit Home

Kid Rock's former Detroit mansion is stunning inside and out. The beautiful home, located at 9090 Dwight St. in Detroit, comes with a custom boathouse and a fabulous downstairs home theater, bar, and dining area.

And the famous Michigan rocker even left behind a couple of American flag pillows and a bunch of his 'Badass Beer.'

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