Outrage is growing over an ambulance crew that responded to a car accident on Flint's north side and left the scene shortly thereafter.

Two hours later, Flint Police and a different ambulance crew responded to the scene to discover a dead man in the wreckage. ABC 12 says a spokesperson from the ambulance company says when the first crew arrived to the scene, they couldn't find the victim, 28-year-old Cortez Cheathams. According to some of the neighborhood's residents, the first ambulance crew shined a light inside the car, then left. A statement from MMR Ambulance says "the crew exited the ambulance, assessed the scene, but were unable to locate the deceased. The ambulance, per protocol, cleared the scene and returned to service."

Residents in the area of Chevrolet and Jackson say the story doesn't hold up. Many rushed outside to see what had happened and said Cheathams was behind the wheel the entire time. Aeirio Adams said "this is a quiet neighborhood, so when you hear a suspicious crash, you get up."

MMR Ambulance says they are investigating what happened.