A swearing in ceremony for Flint Mayor Elect Dayne Walling is scheduled for today at noon. Walling was elected to a full four-year term by voters on Tuesday of last week beating challenger, former city councilman Darryl Buchanan.  The ceremony will be held in the City Council Chambers located on the third floor at Flint City Hall.

On Friday afternoon, Walling announced a shake-up of the city's staff with the firing of the city's Finance Director and two Department of Community and Economic Development employees.  Walling also announced he had accepted the resignation of the Director of the Community and Economic Development.

In a statement, Walling said "I have come to the decision it is time for the city to pursue a new direction with respect to operations of the Finance Department and the Department of Community and Economic Development." He added that "there may be additional changes as part of the normal transition into a new term."

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