When Flint residents head to the polls in August to elect a candidate for Mayor, the ballot may be empty.

The mayoral election could be decided by write in votes if the state doesn't decide to make an exception for the Flint Mayor candidates.

The candidates, including current Flint Mayor Dayne Walling, were told that their paperwork was due April 28th by the clerks office.  The actual due date was one week prior, on April 21st.

The only candidate who turned in their paper work on time is Eric Mays . . . yes, this Eric Mays.


While Mays was able to avoid conviction on these charges, it looks like he may not even be on the ballot, despite turning the paperwork in on time.

After the signatures were reviewed on Mays paperwork, it was determined that some were invalid, and had to be removed.  This left him short of the requirement, and leaves the mayoral ballot empty.

The city is hoping that the state will allow some sort of resubmission process, but if not, this could be a wild race for mayor in Flint.


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