For a man who's all about literacy and reading, you would think he would be over the moon, or rainbow, with having a library named after him. Apparently, actor LaVar Burton isn't that guy and is less than thrilled about the name of a Kalamazoo library.

The actor best known for his children's show Reading Rainbow and role on Star Trek is calling out a Kalamazoo non-profit for using his name for a new library. According to reports, a hunger-relief charity in Kalamazoo, named Broncos Kitchen Foundation, launched a new library in June. The organization named it the LeVar Burton Library.

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Many celebrities would welcome the honor and several have had non-profits and charities bear their names, but Burton isn't having it. The actor took to his Twitter to address the situation saying,

"This is not me nor is this effort affiliated with me in any way! This should not be ok. It is clearly a scam! Any help in reporting is truly appreciated."

It seems the actor has concerns that having his name attached would encourage donations and support for what he deems deceitful and a scam. He also didn't officially put his name behind it.

Pastor William Stein, the co-founder of Bronco’s Kitchen and director of the LeVar Burton Library, told WOODTV that the Broncos Kitchen and the LaVar Burton Library on 100% legit and that attempts have been made to connect with Burton about the project and that the foundation specifically chose to name the library after Burton to honor him and his work as a literacy advocate.

“We have reached out to Mr. Burton through his website… We’ve also attempted to contact him through other means… and no, we have not heard from him personally".

The LeVar Burton Library is an assumed name registered to the nonprofit Broncos Kitchen Foundation, and for now, the name will stick. According to reports, Stein will honor Burton's wishes to remove his name if the foundation hears directly from Burton or his team of attorneys or representatives asking for a change.

Until then...enjoy the LaVar Burton Library.

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