About 150 beachgoers were involved in a brawl that was caught on cellphone video last night (7/4) in Caseville, Michigan.

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The brouhaha occurred exactly three years after a massive brawl at the same Huron County beach attracted the national spotlight.

Caught on Video

The cellphone video below was taken by the Huron County Sheriff's Department and shared by the Huron Daily Tribune. At least a half dozen women were involved in the brawl with dozens more either joining in on the fight or cheering them on.

Sheriff's Deputies Restore Order

Sheriff Kelly Hanson says two of the department's deputies were able to break up the fight and resotre order upon arriving at the beach. The sheriff estimates that about 150 people had at least some involvement in the kerfuffle and that tensions remained high for about an hour. Four additional units were dispatched to the beach in order to maintain order in the aftermath of the fight.

A Repeat from July 4, 2019

Three years ago, several deputies were called to the beach to break up a massive fight and administer Narcan to four people who were in an overdose crisis.

The sheriff recalled that situation for the Tribune in 2019:

"When all was said and done, we had six deputies there, two Caseville officers, two (Michigan State Police) troopers, and the Fairhaven Township police officer," Hanson said. "And that's on top of two ambulance services with a couple of their separate first responders."

More Fights Around the State

Multiple fights were also reported at a beach in Grand Haven. Mlive reports that the DNR had to close Grand Haven State Park after fights broke out there.


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