You could be a part of an upcoming project from actor, filmmaker, singer, and entrepreneur Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The celebrity took to his Facebook page to ask Michiganders to submit their outdoor Michigan pictures to him for an upcoming project.

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Gordon-Levitt did not get into specifics about the project, only that he wanted Michigan outdoor pictures. The pics can be of anything as long as they are outside. The example photo he gave in his Facebook post (see below) is of what I believe is downtown Ann Arbor (correct me if I am wrong).

Seriously you could go outside right now and take a picture and submit it. Go downtown Flint and take some cool pictures. How about the world famous Machine Shop? That would be an awesome pic to submit as well. The possibilities are endless - especially when there are no set rules or specifics to go by. Be creative. From lakes and wooded areas, to towns and cities, the options are endless.

I am going to submit a picture for sure. Hey, you never know - your outdoor picture and or pictures could be just the inspiration Joseph Gordon-Levitt is looking for. I am not saying it will make you a star, but maybe your name could end up in the credits of whatever this project is (or not). It's just a fun thing to be a part of.

Submitting your outdoor Michigan pictures, is easy - just click here to upload them. If you do send a pictures or ten, let me know what you send.

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