Well, Flint has made another not-so-awesome list.

The people of Flint have made several calls to the Orkin Man over the last year. According to statistics from Orkin, Flint ranks number 34 out of the top 50 cities in America when it comes to the number of rodent treatments performed both residentially and commercially. The rodent treatments per city were tallied between September 15th, 2020 through September 15th, 2021.

The top five cities will probably not surprise you at all.

The top five "rattiest cities'' are:

  1. Chicago, Illinois
  2. Los Angeles, California
  3. New York, New York
  4. Washington, D.C.
  5. San Francisco, California

What other Michigan cities are on the Top 50 Rattiest Cities list?

The good news is that two other Michigan cities ranked higher on the list than Flint did. Good ole Detroit took the number 8 spot and over on the west side of the state, Grand Rapids came in two spots higher at number 32.

How do you prevent rats and other rodents from being attracted to your home or workplace?

Orkin offers the following tips to try and prevent rodents from making your home their home. The tips include:

  • Keeping food stored away in sealed containers. Crumbs and garbage are also attractive food sources to rodents.
  • Clear out the clutter. Rodents are attracted to cardboard boxes as they can chew them up and make homes out of them.
  • Do not let the landscaping run wild. Woodpiles and overgrown areas are great habitats for rodents to live in.
  • Inspect your home inside and out. If you see droppings or other evidence of rodents, call exterminators immediately before it gets out of control.

For more tips or to see the full list of the Top 50 Rattiest Cities, click here.

Source: Orkin

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