According to the latest gas price primer from AAA Michigan, the statewide average daily gas price has increased about twelve cents. Michigan's current statewide average is about $2.21 per gallon.

Of the ten Michigan metro areas surveyed by AAA, the lowest price average for gas can be found in the Metro Detroit area where it's about $2.19 per gallon. The highest averages can be found in the Jackson area where it's about $2.27 per gallon. Gas prices in and around the Flint area were averaging $2.20 as of Sunday.

AAA says Michigan ranks 21st in the nation for most expensive gas price and 3rd in the nation for largest weekly change. AAA attributes the price hike to OPEC's production agreement which called for a production cut of 1.2 million barrels per day which is slated to last six months.

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