Do you think the federal government is a bloated, byzantine mess?  Do you think our elected representatives react to passing events in knee jerk fashion, legislating, regulating, and signing executive orders that often do more harm than good.  Or at least bring problematic, unintended consequences; consequences that are then addressed with MORE legislation, orders and regulation?  Does ANYONE think we suffer from too FEW laws and regulations?  Here is a common sense solution to the problem of over legislation and over regulation.  Before any new law, order or regulation can take effect, two of the same must first be repealed.  If you agree, please, sign this petition:

“The weight of federal legislation and regulation is harming the country. We propose that no new federal law, executive order or regulation take effect unless it replaces two of the same. For every federal bill signed by the president, two federal laws must be repealed. In addition, before signing any new executive order, two must be repealed. And, before enacting any new regulation, two regulations must be suspended. This proposal will remain in effect until there are no more than 1000 federal laws, 1000 executive orders, and 1000 regulations. At that time, new laws, orders and regulations can be enacted on a 1 for 1 basis. One repealed for each new one enacted.”


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