A very serious petition from Oakland County students is making its rounds online with with the "demand" that schools in the area switch to remote learning due to continued threats towards schools in the county.

I find it hard to blame these kids for feeling this way. Ever since the tragic Oxford school shooting back on November 30, there have been numerous copycat threats. What child would want to go to school knowing there's a chance that they could be next.

According to WXYZ, more than 10,000 people have signed the petition, which is calling on the county to go to virtual learning “until threats are addressed or until winter break.” I'm guessing school districts just want to get winter break which is next week and hope that these threats simply come to an end.

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Petition From Students:

To serve the mental, physical, and emotional health of Oakland County students, we demand that:

All Oakland County Schools will be closed and authorized to transition to virtual schooling until Winter Break or until all copycat threats are thoroughly investigated.

-School district administrators from all districts in Oakland County release detailed and concrete plans for keeping students safe in district buildings prior to the return to in-person school.Threats to schools cannot be taken lightly and our administrators need to prioritize the safety of students.

I can only imagine the challenge that comes with trying to put an end to school threats. You just can't leave that responsibility with the schools. I personally feel it should start with parents talking to their children. However, there are some awful parents out there that pay zero attention to what's happening in their kids lives.

I think it's great that so many kids are facing charges after their stupid behavior. They need to make an example out of the ones that continue to make these threats...it has to stop.

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