Flint, the town of murders and fire. Last year we saw a record of house fires and murders, make Flint one of the most dangerous places to live, but we all choose to stay here because of a love for this city. Do you think we will see a rise in fires and more murders this year in Flint? Read about the latest house fire from mLive.com:

"We looked out the window and we saw orange," said Darryl Guster, 12. "We got our shoes on and got out."

He said a notice on the door of the abandoned home said it was to be demolished in April.

"My mom always says, 'Keep the porch light on so people don't think it's an abandoned house and set it on fire,'" Guster said.

He said there were nine family members in the home when the fire started.

via- MLive.com.