Proving again that it's never too late to get started at, well, anything.

Sandra Ware is 79-years-old and just did something for the first time in her life - she voted. This isn't just the first time she's voted in a Presidential election, this is the first time she's EVER voted for ANYBODY.

She told WNEM-TV5 News that she was never really interested in politics until her grandchildren educated her on how the process works. Her grandkids said that she was very passionate about it over the last four years.

“Obviously with everything going on. She's never been passionate about politics before. So, it kind of told us that we need to help her out," said her grandson, Mark.

Mark took his grandmother to City Hall in Saginaw to vote, and she was overcome with emotion.

"It was very emotional. I didn't think I was going to feel like I did.  I felt, I don’t want to start crying. I felt very powerful. In that I did matter and that my life does matter."

Proving again that it's never too late to do ANYTHING for the first time, even if it's voting. Congratulations, Sandra!

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