It started with ten bags of groceries and got better from there.

Marcus Lotts walked into Royal Fresh Market on Grand River in Detroit last week when he saw a young man, asking for food outside.

Lotts stopped to talk to the young man, whose family has been in desperate need of help for a while. He proceeded to buy 10 bags of groceries for the man and his family.

No, that's not where the good news ends. In fact, it's barely gotten started.

He delivered the groceries to the man's house and realized that their problems went way beyond food insecurity - their house has a leaky roof, black mold, and all nine siblings sleep in the living room. Cornesha Harris is a single mom, just trying to keep the lights on.

He started a GoFundMe for the Harris family and, after the story aired on Fox 2 in Detroit, over $50,000 was raised in a matter of days.

This whole ordeal has inspired Marcus to start his own non-profit, in honor of his grandmother, to help other single mothers. It's called The Florence Foundation.
One of the latest updates from Marcus on Facebook said:

So after speaking with a legal team we've decided that the best thing to do is move them out of this home. We're all going through a bad time, help if you can if not pass it along and as with anything good you do the bad will follow so keep your negativity to your self. The funds will be used to purchase a home furnish it so we can turn over the keys to Cornessha and her a blessing to someone today.

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