When anyone does a “most dangerous cities in Michigan” list, Detroit holds the number one spot the majority of the time. So it should not be a surprise that sixteen of the state's most dangerous intersections are in and around Detroit.

The list is based on police reports from 2020, compiled by the Michigan Auto Law firm in Farmington Hills. I guess you could say that 'thanks' to the pandemic shut downs and lock-ins, the number of accidents had decreased from the year before.

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Even so, there was an increase in traffic deaths. How was that possible since traffic was less in 2020? The explanation given is that there were less vehicles on the road, so other motorists went way over the speed limit; so the ones that crashed – who might have just sustained injuries the year before - died in the accidents. And to top that off, there were more fatalities in 2020 for pedestrians, bikers, and cyclists!

There are a couple of things I noticed in this list: a few are turnarounds, where accidents are no surprise; a handful of others occur near interstates as commuters attempt to get on the highway. People get in a hurry, which causes frustration, causing bad judgment...like passing on the wrong side or cutting people off. Or not paying attention to the other drivers as your main concern is to get where you're going.

Below is the list of the 20 Most Dangerous Intersections in Michigan, as listed in the Detroit Free Press. The locations are followed by the number of total crashes.

The 20 Most Dangerous Intersections in Michigan


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