Congressman Dan Kildee today honored Mike “Flagman” Bowen with a congressional proclamation as he completed a 58,292 mile run to commemorate every soldier killed or missing in action during the Vietnam War. He has been running for 31 years, and will run his final mile Friday leading up to the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial in Washington, D.C.

“It is an honor to meet Mike Bowen at the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial as he completes an amazing and truly inspiring mission to honor our country’s fallen and missing heroes,” Congressman Kildee said. With each step and every mile, Bowen exemplifies the profound impact and inspiration one person can be to the world. He honorably served our country in Vietnam, and continues to serve our country to this day by reminding us to never forget the ultimate sacrifice so many made.”

Bowen, 65, a Vietnam War veteran of Flushing, Mich., and constituent of Congressman Kildee’s, has made it his personal mission to run one mile for each name on the war memorial – 58,292 total – to commemorate those who were killed or missing in action in Vietnam. He has run very mile carrying a Prisoner of War/Missing in Action (POW/MIA) flag with him.

At the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial today, Congressman Kildee presented Bowen with a congressional proclamation, which will be introduced into the official record of Congress.

“You have inspired not only me, but our entire nation,” the congressional proclamation reads. “We must remember the sacrifice of those who have given their lives to preserve our freedom. Your dedication and mission are resounding reminders of this responsibility. It is a true honor that Mr. Bowen represents Michigan and I thank you for your service to our country.”