On Monday medical experts took the stand in the murder trial of 4-year-old Dominick Calhoun who was fatally beaten in April 2010. According to the Detroit Free Press, the experts testified that Dominick was battered from his "head to the soles of his feet."

It was the second day of  trial for former Livingston County resident Brandon Joshua-Frederick Hayes, who is charged with torture, first-degree murder and child abuse for beating Dominick in his mother's apartment in Argentine Township, just north of Livingston County. Police allege Hayes beat Dominick over a four-day period the weekend of April 8, 2010 after the boy wet himself while sitting on the couch. They allege Hayes slammed Dominick into a wall multiple times, burned his hand, and punched him in the genitals. Dominick died in the hospital on April 12, 2010 after being removed from life support.

Cecelia Gingell, a clinical nurse practitioner in neurosurgery at Hurley Medical Center, testified that Dr. Jewad Shaw opened Dominick's skull to help alleviate pressure in the boy's swollen brain, but Dominick's brain was too traumatized. Shaw also took the stand. When asked by Assistant Prosecutor Tammy Phillips if there was anything he could do to save Dominick's life, he testified that he told the family there was "no hope."

Testimony is expected to continue today with the medical examiner and an Argentine Township police detective.  Dominick's half brother, 7-year-old Tyler Baker, and the boys' mother, Corinne Baker, are also expected to take the stand, but when was not immediately known.

The trial is being heard in Judge Richeard Yuille's courtroom by a jury in St. Clair County. He earlier changed the venue when a Genesee County jury could not be selected due to pretrial publicity. Testimony however is expected to continue for two weeks in Genesee County to accommodate witnesses while the jury is bused in. The trial will return to Port Huron for the closing arguments and verdict.