The presentation took place in the Flint City Council Chambers 04/23/2012 at 5:30 p.m.

The City is projected to have more than $18 Million dollar deficit by June 30 2012. The FY 13 Budget presented is $195 million budgeting 539 employees. Notable elements are:

-City workforce reduced by 20%
-Loss of 19 Police officers
-Remaining police to work 12 hour shifts
-911 to remain the same.
-Current Fire personnel 39+54=93 now reduced to 62
-No money for City Jail/ Lock up
-Courts remain the same.
-Overall water and sewer rate to go up 25%
-Waste collection, each residential property pays $143.00
-Special assessment to be forced on the voters to pay for street lighting, just less than $100.00 for everyone's property.

In Brown’s statement BUILDING THE FUTURE he clearly shows his intent to privatize City services to include Waste Collection, and the Senior Citizen Centers. He also clearly intends to regionalize our police protection.


GOVERNANCE - [Mayor, Council, Clerk, City Attorney, Human Relations and Emergency Manager] A reduction of 3 to 18 permanent full time staffing.

PUBLIC SAFETY- [District Court, Police, Fire and 911] Full time staff 245 reduced by 55 mostly from police.

INFRASTRUCTURE STAFFING - [Water, Sewer, Waste Collection, Street Maintenance, Engineering, Parks, DCED, facilities and fleet] staffing 222 reduction of 54.

FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION [Finance, treasurer, Purchasing, Assessing, Information Services, Human Resources, Risk Management] at 54 from 90 staff

Where are our elected voices?  We have the most compliant Mayor and City Council. There is no reason they did not allow the public to speak. My take is they work for Brown not for us. Brown will do what he has to do but I blame our plight on Mayor Walling and the current Flint City Council.