Wednesday On The Tom Sumner Program
Flint's premiere political pundit Paul Rozycki and another mini-Christmas movie classic in Drive By Theatre Wednesday December 19 on The Tom Sumner Program beginning at 3 p.m. with co-host Andrea Sutton.
Tuesday On The Tom Sumner Program
Comedian Bryan McCree (this week's head0liner at Alexander J's) a "mini-Christmas movie classic" in Drive By Theatre and more on The Tom Sumner Program Tuesday December 18 beginning at 3 p.m. with co-host Andrea Sutton.
Why Doesn’t Eggnog Make Us Sick?
This popular holiday drink is traditionally made by combining raw eggs, rum and dairy and leaving it all in the fridge for up to six weeks. We basically drink our weight in the stuff every December -- how on earth have we managed to avoid being sick all this time?
The 10 People You’ll Encounter at Your Office Christmas Party
One of the reasons we love the holidays so much is that there are tons of ways we can celebrate. Ugly Christmas sweater parties probably rank at the top of our favorites, just because wearing the ugliest cardigan ever in the name of holiday spirit is strangely fun. So what ranks towards the bottom o…
Watch Last Night’s Touching ‘SNL’ Opener
As a way to address this past Friday's unfortunate tragedy in Newtown, CT, 'Saturday Night Live' opened their most recent episode -- hosted by alum Martin Short -- with a heartfelt performance of the Christmas classic, 'Silent Night.'
10 Adorable Reactions on Christmas Morning
On Christmas morning, there's nothing worse than getting a bad reaction to one of your presents. This is especially prevalent among the younger crowd, particularly those under age 12. Why? Well, the kiddos don't necessarily have an understanding of faking appreciation and re-gifting later,…

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