Friday On The Tom Sumner Program
Owosso native Brian Cole wrote Lorrie Morgan's new Christmas single "Wrapped Up In Love." He and members of his band (Northern Country Band) will perform LIVE on The Tom Sumner Program Friday December 14. Plus IT guru Fred Moses ( and co-host Andrea Sutton beginning a…
Thursday On The Tom Sumner Program
The latest on GM truck production, United Way and Fed-X team up to give out books for Christmas and two Kettering entrepreneurs bring Facebook's Farmville to life on The Tom Sumner Program Thursday December 13 beginning at 3 p.m. Guests include Tom Wickham (GM Communications and Marketing Chair…
10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Elf’
The Will Ferrell holiday classic 'Elf' wasn’t supposed to be a hit. Despite being a heartwarming comedy released around the holiday season, it had several things going against it before the filmmakers had a chance to start shooting.
10 Awesome Christmas Decorations from Etsy
Etsy is basically a place where all the crafty people of the world go to sell their awesome stuff. Particularly when the holiday season rolls around, Etsy is one of our go-to spots to snag one-of-a-kind presents. (But you can also get some rad Christmas decor for yourself there, too!)
Singing UPS Guy Is Modern Day Santa
Here's a nice UPS man singing a Christmas song about how he's basically a modern-day Santa. He actually makes a good point. Plus, he can sing. Our favorite part is at the end when he offers up the disclaimer that he wasn't slacking on the job, since he's on a scheduled break...
See Over 800 Santas Running in Germany
Roughly 800 people put on Santa costumes for the Fourth Annual Michendorf Santa Run in Michendorf, Germany. The race is sponsored by Laufclub Michendorf (which translated means Michendorf Running Club, imagine that) and is 10 kilometers long. You can't quite tell from these pictures, but it actually…

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