A Wyoming woman has been charged with murder 25 years after her baby was found dead in an outhouse in Michigan.

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Police have arrested 58-year-old Nancy Gerwatowski for a crime that has baffled investigators for a quarter century. She has been extradited to Michigan and is expected to appear in court on August 9.

Baby Garnet Discovered 25 Years Ago

A worker discovered the baby's body while emptying the waste pit of an outhouse at the Garnet Lake campground on June 26, 1997. Garnet Lake is approximately 40 miles northwest of St. Ignace in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

The baby, which was said to be nearly full-term was given the name 'Baby Garnet' and members of the community raised about $1,000 in order to give the baby girl a proper burial.

New Evidence Leads to Mother's Arrest

In 2017, new evidence surfaced after investigators turned to a forensic genetic geologist to search for answers. According to Detroit's WDIV-TV, the genealogist was able to provide investigators with a bloodline and the name of the baby's mother.

Mackinac County Sheriff Edward Wilk says the information provided gave investigators information “that provided probable cause to arrest her on the charge of homicide-open murder.”

At that time Gerwatowski confirmed that she was in fact the child's mother.

Gerwatowski was arraigned on Sunday on one felonious count of homicide, open murder. Her bond has been denied by the court.

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