Hopefully, Nigel Hayes' timing is better the next time he's on the court.

The Wisconsin Badgers forward was speaking at a press conference Wednesday leading up to his team's NCAA Tournament regional semifinal game against North Carolina. Pretty standard stuff, except Hayes, who had been having some fun with an NCAA stenographer earlier in the week, whispered, "God, she's beautiful" to teammate Frank Kaminsky -- without realizing the microphone had picked it up.

Hayes, a sophomore, quickly realized what happened and, boy, did he ever turn a Badger shade of red that the Wisconsin program made sure he'll never let down:

While the identity of the woman in question has not been confirmed, rumor is it's one of these stenographers, who spoke before "Beautiful-Gate" erupted. Whoever it was, you can bet Wisconsin fans hope Hayes puts this snafu behind him and is a little more on top of his game when the Badgers take the court against the Tar Heels.

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