Derek Stevens owns 'The D' in Vegas, and a big bet he made back in December on Michigan State could land him $1,000,000.

Stevens usually makes some large bets at The Nugget casino in old Vegas, but the $20,000 he laid down on Sparty to win the NCAA Championship was by far the biggest . . . and craziest.

Michigan State wasn't playing well at the time of the bet, and they were a 50-1 long shot to win it all.  So Stevens walked in and put $20,000 on them to win it all.


The casino gave him the go ahead, because who wouldn't take money from a fool?!  Turns out that the fool might be getting the better of the deal to the tune of One Million Dollars.

Stevens graduated from Michigan, but roots for Michigan State too.  He'll probably be the biggest Sparty fan in the world this weekend.  Stevens was asked what he would do with the money if he won.

I'll give some bonus money to my employees, I also want to give some money to the Tarkanian Basketball Academy, and the rest I will reinvest in my properties.

So now it's safe to assume that everyone at The D will also be wearing green and white this weekend.

MSU is still a long shot to win, but if you believe these puppies, Stevens has the money locked in the bag.




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