In the world of politics one of the burning questions of the day has been, "why, after years of failed democratic policies which have been put upon the black communities of America and the Nation as a whole, don't more blacks vote for republican or conservative candidates?" Because the history of 'political America' does show a close alliance of republican philosophy and the black population, most notably is the relationship and efforts of  President Abraham Lincoln during the time of the Civil War, what caused the parting of ways between the two?

After that question was asked of me, I offered two answers. First, to politicians, pundits and others who pontificate, refrain from lofty oratory and professorial theories. The simple answer is Constitutional Conservatism has not been explained to everyday people in everyday terms. Save the "beltway speak" for your next congressional fundraiser. Second, I offered a more formal response in a few paragraphs titled "Conservativism Because". Below is the opening to that answer and the full article can be read here.

As an American citizen, "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", are the inalienable rights granted me, first by my Creator, then affirmed by the Constitution of The United States. To best represent my interests, elected representatives must follow the Constitution at every level of government. while in office. Living free and realizing my full potential can happen when government exercises its limited role as set forth in the founding documents of this country.

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