How does one partake in the benefit of “white privilege”? Since the list of perks, freebies and complimentary advantages expressed by definition of this favor is endless, one need only wake up in the morning and proceed with the activities of the day. Under the proviso of being white, it does not require any talent, education or specialized training. There is no rivalry between those who enjoy this advantage because the rewards of privilege are abundant enough to accommodate a multitude of recipients. The endowments bestowed on the fortunate among us need not be re-gifted as they are inherited at birth.

The reality of white privilege is nothing more than the guilt some carry as a result of being told they are responsible for the plight of others, primarily blacks in America, which stem from the racist and discriminatory acts of their ancestors in times past. This guilt is misplaced and should be called by its rightful name which is, “the lie of a manipulator.” More than a white lie is the notion of gratuitous benefits enjoyed by an entire race of people for the sole reason of being born as a Caucasian male or female and having the audacity to live in The United States of America.

The claim of white privilege is just the latest cause celeb of the same old crew of race hustlers and those who seek to divide America and the world by racial differences. The victims of this evil are told they will remain in perpetual second class or worse status, while the beneficiary of the remuneration is made to believe he is that same evil, which has been thrust upon the unsuspected masses. But when you listen closely to their definition, it is nothing more than a “new and improved” description of what is commonly known as Jim Crow segregation. With a new mantra as the battle cry for social divisionism, they are able to continue the irresponsible, irrational and immoral indoctrination of the population.

There are two targets of the attack, white people and all others. The offensive has begun and the casualty count grows, as the uninformed and ill-informed fall prey to the twaddle. The first phase of the assault is to get people talking about and believing the lie. With that mission accomplished, those most gullible in the first group will begin to act in order to assuage their guilt and make amends for their atrocious indemnity from the normal rigors of everyday life. They will engage in continuous soul-searching and public hand-wringing resulting in nonsensical contributions to entities created and designed to remedy the social injustice thrust upon the inhabitants of the world by their mere existence. The second group, all others, will begin to demand the benefits offered by group one, and when there is resistance whine and pout in protest, until their counterfeit grievances are met. If the mandatory recompense is not voluntary, then the full force of government is employed to mandate and penalize the non-conformer.

This so-called epidemic of white privilege is not to be confused with actual incidents of racial prejudices and acts of discrimination. But the provocateurs of strife have blurred the lines of demarcation and are reveling in the wake of its destruction.  Until there is a change of heart in the nature of human beings, we will from time to time experience adversity from the selfishness of our fellow citizens. Non-violent transgressions due to ignorance should be overlooked and the offender extended grace in order to make amends for his imperfections, while violence and systematic discrimination of a racial nature are best resolved by appropriate legal means.

To enjoy the advantage of the bountiful opportunities afforded by citizenship in America is not a cause for shame, dishonor, indignity or guilt. Rather it is cause for celebration, humility and the prospect of passing along the good fortune to family and friends. Unselfish citizens will long for the success of fellow citizens, not jealously attack their achievement. While traveling down the road of life one should drive with caution. Remove the blinders that you may commemorate the scenic landscape of this great nation, America. Your excursion will be further enhanced by the carriage in which you ride. Better yet, relinquish the passenger seat and drive the luxury sedan of your choice.


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