I will publicly state without reservation or ambiguity what millions of Americans are thinking or saying in private. And with this pronouncement offer ALL right thinking people the courage to stand your ground when the topic of racial equality or inequality of any so-called minority in America is used to brow beat you into silence or acquiescence of your views. It is past time to call a spade a spade.

All day long we must tiptoe around life as not to offend someone by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. We must worry if the feelings of a whole race of people or their heritage will be lost from the pages of history just because a sports team has a certain name. If that were possible, it would have occurred the moment the team was formed. It only became a problem when someone with a deviant motive and irrational thought sought to gain financially from pitting people against each other. This is true of more than sports teams. For how long has the phrase, “well, that has put a chink in the armor”, meant the same as “a bump in the road” or “a stumbling block in my path”? When those words were spoken, I don’t recall a single Chinese citizen being zapped by space rays or moonbeams. Yet a sportscaster was chastised for adding color commentary to his report about the performance of a professional basketball player. So why was such a ruckus made? The Earth did not stop turning and hardly anyone can even recount the story today.

It is the attitude of the so-called oppressed and their ill-motivated advocates which keep the animosity alive. An attitude of everything is “owed” me because your ancestors mistreated my ancestors therefore I’m better than you so deal with me. WRONG! Get over yourself and realize you are just another soul on the planet with no special standing in life. Your status in society will be determined by the manner in which you conduct yourself today. It is your responsibility to take advantage of the abundant opportunities in America. If you fail to do so, it’s your fault. While this attitude is not exclusive to any specific ethnicity, is it more prevalent among blacks in America.

There have countless books written, speeches made, seminars and conferences held, all with the goal of uniting the races. Businesses have been mandated by government to show “diversity” in their workplaces while attorneys and special interest activists keep tabs to insure “the right thing” is being done. How silly is that. The only right thing to them is what keeps them in power and/or financially viable and the rest of us walking on eggshells in fear of being called a racist. When you listen to their incessant whining and whimpering about fairness and what it means to “my people”, it becomes nauseating after the first three seconds. The thought of using intellect to make the case, which they claim they have, is a foreign concept because it is much easier to cry like a baby until the enabling parent {government} picks them up and consoles them with compassion {new program/money}. How successful or unifying has this method been? It has not. Using crutches (charges of racism where there is none) to walk after the bones (slavery and Jim Crow) heal, shows the unwillingness to walk forward by the strength of one’s character.

All of this sounds great and will elicit cheers from the silent majority waiting for a resolution to their angst. Why wait? You are the resolution. Your silent thoughts and gut feelings as to the solution are correct. Look those who accuse you of intolerance and racism in the eye and without blinking ask’ “Are you serious?” Make them give you the hard facts not just their feelings, as to your racism and those they may charge. Ask them if they would be content with the same standard applied to them. Ask if their motives are just as impure as the person(s) they impugn. But don’t stop there. Ask why or why not. Demand of them the same deep inward soul searching and change of heart being asked of you. To those aboard the “race train”, and with all due respect I must ask, “is not what’s good for the goose, also good for the gander?” I wonder if any fowl are, offended?

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