For those holiday shoppers wanting a second chance at the deals they might have missed over Thanksgiving weekend, Cyber Monday awaits. And while there may be a bit less hand-to-hand combat involved, industry experts say that Cyber Monday is great for bargains—as long as you know where to look.

So, if you happen to be shopping online today, here are a few of the best Cyber Monday deals being offered (for a full list, click here):

Express: 40 percent off on all online purchases, with free shipping

The Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic: 30 percent off online purchases receive 10 percent off Beats by Dre and Bose headphones; V-MODA Crossfade noise-canceling headphones for $140; Canon Digital DSLR Cameras that normally sell for almost $1,000 are selling today for $699; the Kindle Fire, which is normally priced at $159, is selling today only for $129

YoYo: this new toy site is offering 40 percent off any one item 50-inch Vizio LCD TV for $499

Sears: 10 percent off all appliances


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