If you are still trying to figure out where to get the best deal on this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, industry analysts say that Target, not Walmart, is your best bet for coming in under $50.

In fact, meal baskets from Target that include turkey, cranberries, onions, corn, pumpkin and heavy cream, are selling for $45.48, while Walmart's pre-packaged Thanksgiving kits with the same fixins reportedly cost $52.31. However, either way you go, you will still get off cheaper at Target and Walmart than other supermarkets offering the same meals, with some leading grocers charging over $70 for turkey-day feasts.

“Target has been pretty clear, through their actions, that they want to have a very competitive holiday season, so it’s not surprising that it translated over to food,” said Jennifer Bartashus, a Bloomberg Industries analyst.

Analysts say that while Target is “clearly trying to bolster sales with promotions,” Walmart isn’t very willing to budge on their prices.


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