I have never met a taco I did not like or a margarita for that matter. It does not have to be Cinco De Mayo for me to enjoy one or six of each. That being said, tacos and margaritas always seem to taste better for some reason on that particular date, which is always May 5th.

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I want to put together a list of your favorite local spots that are known for great Mexican food and drinks. Maybe you have a favorite restaurant or bar that you know goes all out on Cinco De Mayo? Or maybe you have a spot that offers great Mexican food to go? It all counts, and I want to include it on my local Cinco De Mayo list.


I should specify what I consider to be local. Genesee County, Lapeer County, and Oakland County. For instance, there is a great Mexican spot in Holly called Maruca's Kitchen. Perhaps you are a die-hard fan of Tia Helita's in Burton? How about Nacho's of Imlay City? Cancun in Linden and Fenton? All of the above are excellent choices, but you and I know both know there are many more options.

I am asking for your suggestions a few weeks early so I have plenty of time to put an awesome list of options together. There is definitely a hot spot somewhere near you, where is it?

Here is to a great Cinco De Mayo 2022 - and take my advice, if tequila will be a part of your celebration, DO NOT drink any that comes out of a bottle with a red hat. Yes, that is a pro tip.

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