Yes! Founders Brewing Co. is rolling out a new beverage, just in time for Cinco de Mayo. Say hello to Mas Agave.

According to reports, the 10 percent alcohol beverage is an imperial lime gose-style ale, brewed with agave and aged in tequila barrels. I'm in on the description alone. I am sure that is a complete shock to you. Wah Wah.

The margarita inspired brew will be available on May 3rd in both the Grand Rapids and Detroit Founders Brewing Taprooms. I did not know that each location offers unique events and from what I see on their menus, some damn good food. You can see the Detroit menu here and the GR menu here. According to the company website, shipping will be available in April, with availability throughout their distribution area in May.

If the locations are too far for you to visit, you can always celebrate Cinco de Mayo with one of my personal favorites - say it with me, tequila! Cheers!

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