Now that Labor Day weekend is behind us and kids are back in school we can officially look forward to fall in Michigan. Fall is by far my favorite season. The gorgeous colors, the crisp air, apple cider and donuts, what's not to love?

Fall color tours are some of the more popular trips to take in Michigan. The colors up north are something you just have to see to be able to appreciate the beauty. If you are planning a weekend trip to see the colors, you might want to get planning. It won't be long until the UP starts seeing fall colors.

Peak week is very hard to predict, but has a week-by-week guide for your best chance to see all the fall beauty. By the week of October 8th you will see a lot of beautiful fall colors as you head up North. It won't really hit our area until the week of October 15th. By the week of October 22nd, up north will be past peak.

You can scroll through all the weeks here.

Enjoy the beautiful colors this October and try not to think about all the white stuff that will take there place soon.