What if America was the nation where everyone knew the true story of her beginning? What would the title of the books used to teach each generation be and what would be the content contained therein? What if every citizen held dear those ideals and put them in practice daily as a matter of course? What if leaders, elected, appointed and civically active, understood the responsibility they assume once ascended to their respective offices?

What if a nation was created which allowed for each citizen’s ability to succeed as a goal? What if the ability to self-govern was the cornerstone of this new nation and the credentials required to lead were not determined by blood lineage, as family heritage is not the entre’ to power. The limit of your activities, failures and successes are only dependent on your level of motivation. What if there were explicit limits placed on the governing body by the architects of the new nation?

Would there have been a pilgrimage to the new world without a pondering of what lies beyond the shores of the European continent? Would the animated nature in the soul allow one man to acquiesce his spirit to the tyranny of another? Or, does the faith one inherited as a birthright become the compelling force which speaks to the inner man stimulating action, and will that action result in unleashing the qualities necessary to quench the aversion to constraint?

Is it possible for such a homeland to spring into existence from an idea? Is it likely that men of courage will emerge and task themselves to form the birthplace of individuals living free and pursuing their dreams, unsure of the outcome of that dream, but hopeful nonetheless. What is the chance of a divergence of people with as many personalities, habits, cultures and traditions, melding into a nation of one forever united. What if that land was real? If there was such a place, who would live there and how would one learn of its existence?

What if we called the founders patriots and extended that title to all who defended the idea and ideals of the founding? What if we express to the world without reservation, the wonders and privilege of living in this place; this great nation which exudes freedom by its very existence? We should tell the true story of America. We should note the impact she has had on the world? For those who seek to cast America in a negative light must first ask those who to this day, still sojourn to our shores, seeking the cornucopia which awaits them, why? What if the world knew what it really means to be an American?