The Flint Firebirds take on the London Knights this Saturday (March 10th) at Dort Event Center and they have teamed up with Whaley Children's Center for a donation drive. If you bring at least five hygiene items to be donated to Whaley Children's Center to Dort Event Center you will be given a free silver level ticket for the March 10th game. There are limited tickets available, so we recommend you get them soon.

Whaley Children's Center is home to 42 children in our community who have experienced trauma. Whaley is not only home to these children, but also family. The staff at Whaley Children's Center are a source of hope, care, and treatment to our abused and neglected children.

The children at Whaley Children's Center need the same items we do to get ready every morning. They often arrive at Whaley with little to no personal items. Donations of items like body wash, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, bath towels, and washcloths are needed for these children.

Click here for more details about the donation drive. 

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