On Monday, I went out for my first run of the year as I get ready for this year's Crim and Detroit Free Press Half-Marathon. I say it was my first run of the season. I did kick off (air quotations) the season with a 5K walk in Detroit on Saturday. However, there were about 18,000 other people with me on that walk which made it a little difficult to navigate sometimes. I'm trying to get back in better shape after a long winter of being stuck inside (am sure you're all familiar with this having experienced the polar vortex).

Helping me in this year's endeavor is Bauman's Running & Walking Shop in Flint. Mark Bauman and his staff made sure that I have the right pair of shoes, a pair of Asics GT-2000s. I have narrow, flat feet so I needed something with more support. Having walked in them on Saturday and the remainder of the weekend to start getting them broken in, they felt pretty good on my walk/run.

I'll tell you what. For my first time out, I feel pretty good about my start. We'll see if it remains that way over the next 10 weeks leading up to the Crim and the almost two months after for the Detroit Free Press Half-Marathon. Along the way I thought I would have some fun and take some videos of the journey. Hope y'all enjoy and thanks for watching!

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