Bauman's Running and Walking Shop has been a fixture in the Genesee County area for 48 years. Avid runners and athletes have turned to the owner Mark Bauman for all of those years, and now Bauman is hanging up his shoes in a very special way.

Ahead of his retirement, Bauman found a perfect way to acknowledge those long-time employees that have stuck by him. Oh sure, he could give them a parting bonus or a nice vacation somewhere to say thank you, but Bauman decided to give them something that would last a little longer...his business.

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According to a post made on the shop's Facebook page, Mark Bauman sold his business to his long-time employees for $1. Adam Baldridge, Carlos Benton, and Shawn  White are now co=owners of the popular running shop located on Hill Road in Flint. Baldridge, who has been with the shop for 25 years, told us he is thrilled with being an owner.

"Mark's been talking about retiring for a while. He actually approached us, the three new owners if we wanted to take over the business. Mark is a legend in the running world. The store has been serving the community for almost 50 years".

Bauman, who was inducted into the Greater Flint Area Sports Hall of Fame in 2019 and founded the Riverbend Striders running club back in the '70s, will still stay active with the shop, and the many events and races they have been part of over the years according to Baldridge.

"The best part of Baumans is the relationships made with long-time customers and making new ones. We really are a family! Mark's off to enjoy a well-deserved retirement buy I know he will continue being active in the running community and no stranger to the business he founded."

Congratulations to the new owners, and all of our best to Flint's legend, Mark Bauman on his well-earned retirement.

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