Fox 2 Detroit accompanied a VERY angry mom to confront a prom dress designer who has taken her money...but not delivered a product.

Ijeoma Collection in Oak Park is being accused of taking deposits and not coming through with custom prom dresses.

Jana Wilkins told the news station that her daughter put $600 down on a dress after seeing it on social media (the dressmaker's Instagram page has since been deleted) last fall but hasn't been contacted for her fitting since. Prom is one week away.

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I'm uncomfortable before this video even STARTS, OMG.

The dressmaker eventually claims that she's being harassed and calls the police...

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...but the mom says she just wants her money back.

Sadly, I doubt she'll ever see it. This "dressmaker" is a scam artist and I feel awful for the high schoolers who will never get a prom dress from her.

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