The Michiganders stopped by the Little Caesar's Arena on Friday night before the game.

Jeff Daniels and Dave Coulier were on-hand in the locker room to deliver the starting lineup to the team, complete with accents a la Bob and Doug McKenzie from Strange Brew.

It gave the players a good, much-needed laugh. Hell, you might even be able to attribute their win to Jeff and Dave's appearance - the Red Wings beat the Chicago Blackhawks, 2-1 with Tyler Bertuzzi scoring the first goal. Bertuzzi said that he loves Dumb and Dumber and that it was "cool to see him" in the locker room.

Both actors stayed for the game; Coulier is from St. Clair Shores and Daniels is from Chelsea.

We were at the game on Friday night, too, and we're pretty peeved that we didn't see them. Dangit.

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