According to a post shared on Electric Forest's Facebook page someone lost a finger at the festival. If you were at the festival this weekend you might want to double check your hands to make sure you have all your digits.

WARNING: The image you are about to see may or may not be someone's actual finger. If you have a weak stomach you really shouldn't check out the image below. Seriously. 


It looks so real that I'm 99% sure this is someones actual finger!! I have so many questions.

1. How do you just lose your finger at a festival that is all about peace and love?

2. Okay, so you lost your finger and decided "I don't really need that anyway!" and leave it on the ground???

3. What drugs were you on to lose your finger and just keep going??

All jokes aside I really hope this person finds their finger, but then again its most likely too late and its not just going to magically work again. I'm hoping this isn't actually someones finger and this is just some great prop work.


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